How To Get Clients For Social Media Management


To create a wildly successful social media management business, you must be able to consistently find new ideal clients.

There are plenty of options when it comes to where to look and how to attract these new clients, but the question is, where do you start?

In this article we go over how to get clients for social media management.

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What Is Social Media Management?

For many people, the term “social media” means Facebook and Twitter.

But in reality, social media is much, much more than that.

In fact, when used correctly, social media can be a powerful force for marketing success.

When used incorrectly… well, let’s just say it can be a very big pain in the ass.

Social media management (or “social media marketing”) is the process of creating and maintaining a cohesive presence on all the various social media websites.

This includes things like posting content, responding to comments, managing your friends list, etc.

The best social media managers are able to accomplish all of this almost automatically.

Social media is not just about websites and blogs. It’s also includes all forms of electronic communication…

Like Text Messages, Emails, Voicemails, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and so on.

In truth, there is no such thing as “traditional” marketing or “non-traditional” marketing.

How To Get Clients For Social Media Management

Social media management is a huge need in the marketing world.

As I write this, there are approximately 3.8 billion active users of the Internet.

Of those users, only about 1/4 (or roughly 300 million) use social media in any meaningful way.

So yes, there is a huge need for social media management.

But how do you find clients for this need?

Well, if you’re already good at writing copy… and… you have an established client base, you may be able to get clients by simply offering to do more of the same work you’ve been doing.

If that’s the case, there’s not much to say about how to go about getting clients for social media management.

If this doesn’t describe you – let’s look at some of the best ways.

Create A Website

The first step to take when you want to get clients for social media management is to create a website or blog that is 100% devoted to your existing and potential clients.

This will give you an enormous advantage over all of your competitors.

Why? Simply because it’s very hard to “sell” something when you don’t have a physical presence of some kind.

A website or blog is the closest thing to a “real life” presence you can have on the Internet.

And if you are truly a master copywriter, your site or blog should be so compelling… that… your clients cannot wait to give you more work. In fact, they’ll be fighting to get you to take on more clients.

The two best website builders are:

Take a look at each of them to see which you would find the most convenient for you.

Create A Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something “sweet” that people must have in order to get what you have to offer.

This could include free reports, free teleseminars, free videos, etc.

You get the idea.

You should use these in combination with other techniques to get leads. But, used alone, they can be very powerful.

The idea is to “capture” someone’s attention with something enticing, and then present your real message (the one that will earn you a sale) in a way that is easy and natural.

You will need a lead generation tool such as:

They each offer a trial, so it is recommended to give them each a try to see which is best for your business.

Email Marketing

Your best marketing channel is email marketing.

Yes, I know that this sounds old fashioned and outdated… but it’s true.

What makes email marketing so powerful is that it can be highly automated.

In other words, you can set it and forget it.

And it can be highly targeted, as well.

If you’ve ever tried to send mass emails to people with a list of 100,000 names, you know how much time and effort it takes.

You will need an email marketing tool like:

They all offer free trials – so give them all a go, and then pick which you like best.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is where the real money is for most website owners and marketers.

That’s because social media offers the “biggest bang for the buck” when it comes to lead generation.

In fact, according to a recent survey, 92% of B2C companies said that increasing their presence on social media was either the most important or one of the most important tactics they used to grow their business.

You should be using social media in conjunction with other techniques to get leads. But, used alone, it can be very powerful.

Print Flyers

If you want to be more creative, print flyers and hand them out at places like:

  • Local restaurants
  • Health food stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Local schools

The idea is to get people who already know you and trust you to spread the word about what you have to offer.

You can create flyers for all kinds of businesses:

  • Doctors
  • Restaurants
  • Marketers

They all have their own unique flyers that you can use as templates.

It’s just a matter of finding the right ones.

Forums And Groups

There are hundreds of Internet forums and groups just waiting for someone to join and post a message.

These are a great way to meet other people who are also looking for what you have to offer.

You should be using these in combination with other techniques to get leads.

But, used alone, they can be very powerful.


Groups of masterminds and highly effective people are an amazing source of leads.

This is especially true if there is a specific area that you are weak in.

If you are not strong in direct marketing, perhaps you should find a group of people who are and learn all about it.



That’s it for now. These are the most powerful lead generation techniques… as far as I’m concerned.

Remember, the goal here is to get you started with a few proven ideas that you can tweak to fit your own situation.

The point is to get going, and to get going quickly.

I hope that you found this guide helpful.

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